WNY: We want to buy your books!

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How We Work

Step One: You email us with basic details of the books you have for sale. Include how many, what subjects, etc. Photos will greatly increase the chance we will make you an offer.

Step Two: If we think we can find your books a good home, we’ll call or email you to arrange to view your collection.

Step Three: We take your books and leave you with the cash.

AJs Books & Stuff is your solution for excess books – paying you for bulk lots of books that you don’t want.


How much do you pay?

For nearly two years, AJs Books & Stuff has been finding old books new homes. We utilize a variety of channels to ensure that nearly every book we buy finds a new home. 95% of all books we buy will go to an appreciative reader.

What quantities will you take?

We will buy any collection with 100 books or more. There is no maximum limit.

Are there any books you won’t take?

We specialize in non-fiction, but will take any lot of mixed books.

We are unable to buy lots that contain more than 20% of the following types of books: romance novels, westerns or children’s books.

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